Our Philosophy

“CU Children’s Center embraces the philosophy of learning through play. I feel my children have received a strong foundation in life-long learning, self-confidence, respect and friendships of adults (teachers) and peers (kids). My children are loved at the children’s center.” ~ Parent and five-year patron

Each child is respected as a unique and capable learner. We recognize the first five years of a child's life are the most formative, so we guide our practice with the foundation that optimal growth takes place when we encourage and support the overall development of each child.

Curriculum and Staff

  • Curriculum is based on the principle that learning is primarily an active process
  • Children of all ages need repeated opportunities to interact with their world and find their place in it
  • Qualified teachers guide this process by the questions they ask, by the goals they set, by the information they provide, and by the behavior they model
  • Highly trained staff foster a positive sense of self for each child by accepting and appreciating all children
  • We foster social interactions with knowledgeable teachers and peers so children learn to appreciate diverse points of view