Special Circumstances

Birthday Policy

Birthdays are very special for young children, and we want to recognize that day. However, we ask that the celebration remain low-key (no balloons, please). For example, a special snack or a book donated to the class with your child’s name in it. If you would like to provide a special treat for your child’s birthday, please schedule the date and time with the teachers in your child’s classroom. Parents are asked to check with teachers beforehand on birthday party menus to ensure that allergies will not be an issue. If you are planning a home party, invitations may not be handed out at school unless all children in the class are invited. 

Child Abuse and Related Issues

If your child has sustained any physical injuries (bruises, cuts, burns, etc.) please bring this to the director or teacher’s attention. The children’s center is required by Colorado State Law to report any incidence of physical or emotional injury or neglect. All professional school personnel at the children’s center are mandatory reporters. We are required to report to the hotline of Child Protective Services when it appears that there is reasonable cause to believe that a child has been: non-accidentally physically or mentally injured, negligently treated or maltreated, or sexually abused. The law also states that any person who in good faith makes a report or gives testimony in regard to possible non-accidental injury or neglect is immune to possible civil or criminal suit.

As stated in our Minimum Rules and Regulations Book for Child Care Centers as issued by the Colorado Department of Social Services A-7412.6:

The childcare facility shall report instances of suspected child abuse. Any person who has reasonable cause to know or suspect that a child has been subjected to circumstances or conditions that would reasonably result in abuse or neglect shall immediately report or cause a report to be made of such fact to the county department of local law enforcement agency. Persons required to report such abuse or neglect or circumstances or conditions should include: Social workers or workers in a family care home or childcare center. Any person participating in good faith in making a report or in a judicial preceding pursuant to this title…shall be immune from any liability civil or criminal, which otherwise might result because of such reporting.”  Additionally, the law provides for protection of the identity of the reporting party. “Legally mandated reporters who willfully fail to report can be punished and can be liable for all damages (19-10-104, CRS 1986).”  In Colorado, “the person reporting the suspected neglect or abuse need not and should not attempt to verify the facts. It is simply your responsibility to report the situation and allow the proper authorities to handle the case and prove or disprove the allegations.”

If there is any reason to question whether or not an incident, circumstance, or concern should be reported, it categorically should.

Holiday Policy

The children’s center is a reflection of the families enrolled. Our goal is to bring each child’s culture, traditions, celebrations, and interests into our school so that each child feels accepted and gains a sense of belonging. We recognize that our families do not celebrate holidays in the same manner. We desire to remain respectful and neutral when planning activities for the children. We invite and encourage parents to visit the older classrooms and share a family holiday tradition with the children. We believe our children benefit greatly by knowing how other families celebrate the holiday season. Depending on the ages of the children in the class, it may be appropriate to engage them in a cooking activity, share family pictures, create a special art project, or read a special book. Here are some suggestions of how to share your traditions with us so that our environment is truly representative of you: perhaps you would like to bring in literature or music, traditional holiday food items to share, or pictures from your home country.

Inclement Weather: Disaster Evacuation Plan*

Flood Watch

The University of Colorado Police Department (CUPD) will notify the director of the impending emergency and furnish the essential details as needed.

  • The center will be notified when the county is in a flood watch. During this time, conditions are such that a flood situation may be imminent. The CUPD and CC staff will be in a heightened state of awareness during this mode and will be communicating with each other frequently. Depending on the conditions present, parents may be called at this time to come to the center and pick up their children. 
  • When the CUPD notifies the center that flooding is imminent, the director of the center will evacuate the staff and children. Staff at CC will get emergency supplies, diapers and wipes for toddlers, classroom backpacks, emergency forms with phone numbers, and sign-in sheets. Some younger children may be transported in wagons.
  • Children and staff will be relocated to the 2nd floor of the Naropa Institute at 2130 Arapahoe Ave (just west of the CC). Blankets, food, and water are already in storage at each site for our use. Parents will be notified of the children’s relocation via telephone and signs posted on the doors of the center.


Boulder County alerts us to dangerous weather concerns via CUPD. Children will be moved to the school’s inner hallways, cot closets, or bathrooms and away from all flying debris. When a safe condition exists, efforts will be made to contact parents.


Fire drills are conducted each month to help children practice what to do in case of an actual fire. All staff and children exit the building according to planned evacuation routes (posted in all classrooms). The staff takes attendance using the daily sign-in sheets and check classrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, and other areas to ensure thorough evacuation.

*In the event that the children’s center is determined to be temporarily unsafe, such as after a flood, parents will need to make other arrangements for child care. 

The children’s center is closed whenever the university has been closed, and you will be expected to pick up your children as soon as possible. For further information, please call CUPD at 303-492-6666. Call the hotline for snow related closures 303-492-2436. 

Information Dissemination

All efforts will be made to provide parents with the most timely and accurate information on issues regarding program quality, as well as events and circumstances which affect the safety and welfare of their children.

Events which require different forms of notification:

  • The suspected abuse of a student by center staff, as identified by anyone
  • The investigation of alleged abuse by center staff, under investigation by CU police or Boulder County Social Services
  • The arrest or summons of center personnel associated with allegations of abuse or failure to report abuse
  • Personnel no longer employed at the center
  • Personnel hired by the center
  • Personnel responsibility changes
  • Teacher assignment or schedule changes
  • Accreditation status
  • License status
  • Pedagogy, training, and materials: changes in program emphasis, changes in material, subjects, and timing of training
  • Costs: changes in current rates, proposed changes, exceptions to rate structure
  • Staff members placed on administrative leave

Notification of these items will be done through written memo as well as email notification. If a situation necessitates public meetings, these will be scheduled as soon as possible to ensure that all parents are fully informed. If it is determined that a circumstance or event affects the safety and welfare of the children, all attempts will be made to contact affected parents of children who are not currently attending the center, to inform them of these events.

All campus and community publications will include any changes to the centers’ licensing or accreditation status.

Missing/Lost Children

Staff members will notify the director immediately when it is suspected that a child may be missing. Staff will look for the child for five minutes. If the child is not located, 911 will be called. After the police have been notified, the parents will be notified of the situation.

School Pictures

The children's center will arrange an opportunity to have class and/or individual pictures taken by a professional photographer. Purchase of photos is optional. Usually, individual pictures are taken in the fall and group pictures in the spring.

Suspicious Activity

All staff members are trained to be observant and aware of their surroundings. Any suspicious persons or activities will be reported to the director immediately.